Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adding a touch of color...

Aside from all the bits and pieces that I painted red, I've been thinking about adding color to the Hawk for quite some time. At first, I wanted that Flat Black dragster hotrod look. But after staring at it and looking at other pictures of an all black bike, it definitely need just a little more color. I decided to add more RED. Reason being... Honda is known to be big RED when it comes to the motorcycle industry and I wanted to stick to that theme... What I came up with is a two tone paint job on the tank. High gloss red on top and Flat Back on the bottom... as of right now its a work in progess.

All sanded and ready to paint, but first...

Taping it up for some two tone effects... 

Several coats of red...

What it should look like when its finished drying... but paint shrinks when it drys and you get that orange peel effect.

 Damn... not sure what happened here, but its an eye sore! 
Probably from the heat station.
Going to wet sand it and hopefully it will look better after the clear coat and buffing.

Dried to the touch, but the paint not fully cured.

I couldn't wait til tomorrow... just wanted to see what the tank will look like on the Hawk.

Another angle...

Your thoughts?????

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