Saturday, June 2, 2012

Inspirational Hawks...

Members of the
Inspired me to continue my transformation of my beloved Hawkster...
Velocity B's Hawk 
Entire 600rr front end.
3 Spoke RR front wheel stripped and polished.
Triple modified to accept stock Hawk headlight/mounting hardware.
600rr hand controls wired in.
Vapor Trail Tech digital tach and custom mount.
Penske rear shock.
Hiper Form chain roller.
8 spoke VFR rear wheel stripped and polished.
Engine covers & valve covers polished.
Polished Hawk headers.
Frame powder-coated flat black.
Fresh paint on the fenders and tank.
F3 pegs/polished rear-sets.
Odds and ends(turn signals, bar end mirrors) and allot of Ken's elbow grease.

DL2ewpoo's Hawk   
F4i Front End
Monster Seat Mod
TBR Headers
Arrow Exhaust
Uni Pod Filters
Stage 3 Jet Kit
Fox Shock
CRG Hindsight Mirrors
Vapor Tach
Adjustable Brake/Clutch Levers
SV650 Fuel Pump
Rear Brake Reservoir Delete
600rr Tail Light
VFR Pegs

LED Gauge Indicators
Flashing Brake Module

Civicious' Hawk
700cc Hord-built motor, 84.59hp/55.73tq on MR12
#9 cams
JD's lightweight Wiseco pistons
Carrillo rods
Falicon modded crank
Stage 2 heads
Undercut transmission, everything Nikasil coated
total loss, starter retained
Keihin FCR39's
 stock headpipes, custom collector and stubby R6 can
Hord's lightweight 8-cell battery
HiPerform subframe
F2 front end w/ RaceTech internals, no external adjustment (Hawk fork caps)
ZX10 radial master cylinder
Penske rear
BTT cush drive eliminator/shortened spindle
Masanski's Ducati wheel conversion hub
Brembo mini caliper, Masanski's bracket

 BTT's Race Hawk  
Stock frame,coils,cdi box and starter relay.
Mito tank/Vortex cap and Sunline Vent
Eyepoppers Paint
2005 cbr600rr forks/triple/front rotors-Forks by Hordpower-Rotors by Quality
Ohlins cbr900 shock 1300lb spring -valved by Traxxion
Beringer calipers and perches
ZX636 radiator and seat-recover and foam by Sargent
2005 cbr rear master cylinder
Masanski's brake
hanger/rear rotor lightened
Ducati modified spindle/Carozzeria wheels
SS brakelines SS hardware&probolt throughout
Delkevic slip-on/M4 R/R headers
Rizoma superbike bars and HRC mount

Gilles tooling rearsets on custom plates
Custom harness by PdubHawk/H2O bottle overflow
Plastic oval plates by DC Plastics

Koso tach w/h2o temp
Starlane GPS Laptimer w/Data acquisition capability Every other part -subbie to spacers-I made myself.
JD cooked up the engine.
85+ hp-billet crank

Ti Carrillos-Ti valve train-RR heads cooling
Close-ratio tranny 17/42 gearing
every trick in the book
All riding on Dunlop Q2s.Push-button 320lb/85 hp racer,ala BTT.

NT696's Hawk
F2 front end with O/S floating rotors (EBC), and a Hawk front fender.
VFR rear rim modified to attach like stock.
Under-engine can made by me, TBR wrapped headers, -no 'Y' pipe.
Pod filters, 153 cams, head work by JD; oversize SS intake valves, ported intakes, 82mm pistons, balanced crank.
Heated handgrips, Modern headlight assembly with power relays & custom mount. GPS power
Signal eliminator (thanks Doug!) and rear brake line through the swingarm.
Gino's chain roller (an awesome product) and a Corbin seat (over-rated)
I ride it, - a lot. Coming up on 100,000km
Of course, frame sliders, aluminum engine spacers, rear brake torsion arm, and other goodies I make. (I test them all on my bike first)

Socal31's Hawk
Fox Shock
Racetech Springs
TBR Shorty Exhaust
NT696 Sliders
SS Brake Lines
Lotsa new stuff

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rust Buster...

Like I've mentioned before, I'm on a budget. During the time I was dismantling my Hawkster, there were several keys parts that needed special attention. What I mean is... they had some surface rust that needed to be removed. So after countless hours on the internet trying to find the perfect product that will help save me on some Benjamin's. This is what I found...

 You can find this product for around $26 - $30 per gallon. They have smaller sizes as well.

The best part of this product is, its not some type of acid which can burn your skin. Instead, its non-corrosive and reusable... read label for more details. 

The first part that I experimented this product on was my chain. Replacing a chain can cost you more than $80. My chain is a DID 520 Racing chain, which normally cost between $110-130. This will surely save my empty pockets from going any deeper. 

 Before - The condition of my rusted chain... 

 After - Soaking in Evapo-Rust for one hour, rust is almost completely gone... 
I ended up soaking it for a few more hours.

Final - All oiled up and ready to be reinstalled. 

Overall, I've used this product on bolts, pipes and anything that has rust on it. I'm pretty happy with the results. So far the money I invested in Evapo-Rust has already saved me a bundle on my Hawkster project.