Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting my grind on...

Ah... its that time... time to prep the subframe aka "subbie". I thought long and hard about doing this modification. I was torn from keeping my subbie stock or grinding it up for the monster seat mod. It didn't take me long to say... "I'm going to do it! and if I mess things up, I'll by another one off ebay." I just love the look of the monster seat. It really updates the look of the Hawkster. A few members Hawk's that influenced me in making my decision.

Don't the look sweet! Well, I think they do. It really didn't take me long to grind down all the unnecessary tabs and brackets. Just a ton of hot little sparks from all the grinding. The finished look of the stock subbie all grinded down.

Now I just have to find some material to complete the subbie for the new seat. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Hawkster is taking shape...

Since my graduation... I've had lots of time on my hands. A project that was almost forgotten is now back on track. Until the day another life changing event alters my attention to something else. But since that hasn't happen yet... it's all about the Hawkster.

The last few days... I was able to start the assembly. It feels so good to see your hard work take shape. First on the list was putting the valve covers back on. I pulled out the polisher and polished nuts and bolts. (Note: the Stator and Clutch cover will be painted Low Black after I get the bike engine started and running. Then, I'll be able to change the gaskets, clutch and springs.)

Next, I decided to get the frame on... 
Took some skill of not scratching the delicate surface.

Another angle...

 My first thought was... "WOW"

I couldn't stop there... I had more parts that were screaming to be installed. Plus, I was so eager to get to a rolling chassis. Now this next part kick my ass for a bit... but was able to get it on after yelling and screaming at it for 30 minutes. LOL!

It was starting to take shape. Looking like a MOTO!

I do not recommend doing this by yourself... but if your like me and don't have any patience to wait for someone to help you, then by all means go for it. Front forks, front tire and rear tire installed. Thank God I had rear and front stands.

A couple more angles with wheels mounted.

Today, I was able to work on the carburettor (aka carbs for short) and starter. The greatest influence came from the Hawk GT Forum by "grinDAILY". He calls his project "The Phoenix - Rising From the Ashes". After reading his build post (btw his bike is not yet complete), I found inspiration in doing the same to mines but on a low ass budget. LOL! Also without the Bling Bling... Overall, you can see where I get my inspiration from.

grinDAILY's "The Phoenix"

Another picture w/out seat and gas tank... one sick ass bike!

Ok... back to my project. Like I said, I was able to work on the carbs... check out the before, progress and after pictures.


Damn look how clean they looked before I sprayed them. But black is much better!

More Progress pictures...
Left-Final coat of black   Right-Waiting for it to completely dry.

Picture of one carb...

 Picture of the completed Carb
Internals of the carbs are on order... 
Jet Kit Stage 3 and Rubber Intake Manifold Carb Holders

  Just an idea of what its going to look like on the bike...

To bad most of it will be covered by the gas tank... 
Does anyone make a plexi-glass gas tank? Hahaha!

Forgot to take pictures of the before on the starter... but here are the afters.
Here's the kicker... I didn't realize I had to put this on before I mounted the engine.
Now I have to drop the engine just to install the starter... 
What a pain in the ass! Lesson learned.

Stay tuned... there is more to come. 
If you have any questions... email me or leave a comment.

It's all about the BLACK...

On June 9th... I decided to get rid of more of the BLING BLING that I created a long time ago. No more polishing, too much work. I'd rather just wipe it down and go!

I didn't want to pay for the tire removal... was going to cost me $20 per rim.
Are you kidding me. So I just taped it up and BAM!

Front rim all painted... This picture doesn't to it justice. It looks good!
And to think it was sprayed with a can.

Cush Drive got the same treatment.

Some more parts painted low black.

Its coming together slowly... and happy with the results so far.

Getting the mixture just right...

It's been a while since the last time I posted... I've been very busy with school, and I can finally say I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks.

Since then, I have plenty of time to play around with my hawster while looking for a job. Btw... if anyone knows of some in San Diego that can help me out with a job I'd really appreciate it. Now back to the program...

Where do I begin... back on June 7th, I changed my fork oil. I did a mixture of 10w and 15w. I made my own little floating device that tells me when to stop pouring. It worked out great!

My forks were already equipped with Race Tech Springs

Mixing the oils together...

 Old oil from one of the forks... glad I changed it.

And the BAD part is... my pre-load is stuck. I tried everything to get it to turn. 
Damn... I guess I have to pick up another one. 
Do you have one for sale? Contact me please!